Dude, what were you thinking?

Challenge #1 in the Challenges Inspired by Songs series. Hosted by Brian Mollenkopf.
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Have you ever seen a location, been at a party, or seen a stunt gone wrong. I want to see shots where your first thought was "Dude, what were you thinking". Example may include a wildly painted house or stage dive without any audience members. Most importantly it must portray the sentiment of "Dude, what were you thinking"!
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poor choices
How not to clean your sensor.
When Things Don't Go According To Plan
Face with a Sting
Dude, you believe that motorcycle supports this weight?
Dude, that was sick!
Altos Papos.
I May Be High But I'm Quite Comfortable!
You want me to meet you where?
You're going the wrong way!
Thaipusam in Singapore
Next time, wait for snow dude
Who's First?
Stack Attack
should not have let go
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