Wild Proximity: Up close and personal

Challenge #23 in the Nature and Us series. Hosted by PentUp.
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Lets see images of creatures in the wild that are CLOSE. Maximum focal length of 100mm - and the wildlife must dominate the image, while still showing its environment. Please INCLUDE in the subject or notes section; the SPECIES of animal, the general LOCATION (biome/environment) in which the photograph was taken. NO CAPTIVE animals such as in zoos or artificial enclosures. The animals must be "Living Wild", so not domestic animals on a farm. Entries that do not list in the notes/description section Species AND the Location in which the image was taken will be Disqualified [if polite warning to withdraw and re-submit with full information is not heeded].
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young brown bear hunting for clams on the flats
Steppe fox
Green Sea Turtle
Bold eagle
150,000 Penguins
Leopard in Santawani
Ibex at sunset
Rocky Mountain  Goats
Silverback gorilla
Mother and juveniles Kamckatka brown bears
Madikwe Elephant - 1
Whats for Dinner
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African Elephant bull
Mock Charge
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