King of the Wild: Apex Predators

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Apex predators are usually defined in terms of trophic dynamics, meaning that they occupy the highest levels of a food chain in their environment/biome and have no other natural predators that actively prey on them. Let’s see images of live wild animals (in the wild in their natural habitat) prominently showing in the image wild APEX PREDATOR(S) in their natural, native environment. This challenge is part Wildlife part Landscape/Environment so show the Apex Predator(s) in part of its native landscape. Plus INCLUDE in the subject or notes section; the species of wildlife AND the general location in which the photograph was taken. NO CAPTIVE animals such as in zoos or artificial enclosures.
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I’m watching you
Mother and Daughter
Lions vs buffalo
Hunting low in snow
Tintswalo Dec 2014 1391
brown bear sow with cub
Polar bear-1377
DSC_2543 copy
Cheetah perusing the menu
Painted wolves
BC Coyote-3957
Brown Bear
Grey Nurse Shark
A yawning polar bear
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Kapamba Chimbwe
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