Wild Symbiosis: You scratch my back, I scratch yours

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Many wild creatures of different species share a symbiotic relationship, where their interaction is a benefit to both species. Let’s see images of live wild animals (in the wild in their natural habitat) prominently showing in the image two or more wild creatures of two different species whose symbiotic interaction with each other is of mutual benefit. INCLUDE in the subject or notes section; the two species of wildlife AND the general location in which the photograph was taken. NO CAPTIVE animals such as in zoos or artificial enclosures.
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Hippo and oxpecker
Water Buffalo and Oxpecker (with attentive Egret)
Cape buffalo & Oxpecker
Symbiosis on a rose leaf
Cape Buffalo with Red Billed Oxpeckers
Floral Symbiosis
Anemone fish and his hone
bee and plant, spring, rural NSW
Symbiosis 1 - 26.11.2021
Ants milking Aphids
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Red billed oxpecker and Giraffe
Red billed oxpeckers and buffalo
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