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Challenge #13 in the My Favorite ...... series. Hosted by Schrodingers_cat.
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This may blow up on me, but I'm going to try something different. Load up TWO different processed versions of the same image. ANY subject. Make the processing of each image significantly different from each other, nothing subtle. Votes will be cast by voting either a .5 or a full 5 indicating which of the two versions they prefer. DON'T use any of the intermediate vote values. I have no idea what this is going to do to the final vote tally, but in effect there should be no winner. Just an indication to the photographer of which processing technique the voters think worked best for each image. My apologies in advance if this doesn't work out, but I thought a different approach might be interesting.
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Vasily in HDR
Long Island East Hampton 2
Black Ice
Long Island East Hampton
Abandoned House-Color
red dot original
Tint of Orange
Zombie Land 2
Rainbow with saturation
Nikki and Denali
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