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THIS IS ABOUT THE LOCATION, NOT ABOUT PEOPLE AT THE LOCATION. Try to eliminate or minimize the people present. If a person seems to be the main subject, as opposed to the setting, that image does not fit this challenge, AND WILL BE DISQUALIFIED. Also, this is more of a PROCESSING challenge than anything else. Take a photograph of some suitably OLD structure (for this particular challenge, let's deviate from previous requirements and use ANY old structure older than 1900 or so), interior or exterior, wide angle or closeup. PROCESS the image to make it look like something out of one of the old Hammer Films bad horror movies with good special effects in the scenery. Imagine a background suitable for photographing Vincent Price, Peter Cushing, John Carradine, Christopher Lee, or Boris Karloff (assuming you're old enough to have even heard of these guys) and think pre 1900 for the structure. Hold the example images in mind when selecting structures and processing.
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Old Roman Aqueduct
Ruins of Aracha, 13. century, Serbia
Colosseum Catacombs
Gartloch Hospital closed 1996
House of Usher
Home Sweet Home for Vincent Price
The Basilica Cistern
Leeds Bridewell Corridor
Moscow nov 2011 065
Zombie Dawn Approaches
Ghost train
Burg Are, Altenahr
up the stairs
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Highgate Cemetery 2012 - 0044
Highgate Cemetery 2012 - 0118
Highgate Cemetery 2012 - 0139
Highgate Cemetery 2012 - 0144
Highgate Cemetery 2012 - 0149
Highgate Cemetery 2012 - 0196
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