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A favorite subject of new photographers, and those of us (ahem) who have never been able to shake the fascination, is the appearance of all the tiny curious looking doors and windows in ancient structures. Where do all these things actually lead? What secrets do they conceal? Probably a broom closet or apartment house for pigeons, but they're still interesting looking and we want to see yours. Expand the arena to include castles, forts, stately homes, palaces, tombs, and anything else as long as it looks "ancient". We're looking exclusively for relative CLOSE UPS. DON'T enter a photo of the entire front of Notre Dame, for instance.
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A Window of a Lighthouse-2897
Please use the painted stairs !
Window in Outer Wall of Alamo
waiting for in
Great Zimbabwe
Alley Entrance
The Door at the End
In or out
L'église Saint-Denis de Courthézon
What mystery lies within???
Floreat Magdalena
Blue doors
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