World War I and World War II Defensive Architecture

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Contrary to the title of the Series of Challenges containing it, this individual challenge will be limited to defensive fortifications ACTUALLY USED OR BUILT FOR FOR MILITARY PURPOSES between the beginning of WWI and the end of WWII. That means that some of the Napoleonic and older stuff scattered around Europe, the UK, and elswhere which was reoccupied as a defensive structure during WWI or WWII is fair game. Some areas of Dover Castle might be a good example. Just make sure the WWI or WWII influence is represented in the images. INTERIOR OR EXTERIOR. Think pillboxes, gun emplacements, and such like stuff. IF IN DOUBT, POST IT ANYWAY :)
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German Bunker
Atlantic Wall bunker
Casemate of Fort de Douaumont WWI (France)
German World War Two Observation Tower and Noirmont Point Tower
Forte Garda
Turbine Hall, Cockatoo Island, Sydney Harbour
World War II German bunkers
II WW Bunker
Battery Mendell-3031
Fort de Vaux - France- WWI
Løkken Bunker
Bunker and Tank Trap
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