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We're looking for exterior images of structures that look like castles but really are not. In the US, castles are kinda thin on the ground. Hell, the UK has people storing their garden tools in structures older than our entire country :) But we did have a lot of folks with money they didn't know what to do with so they built stately homes and other stuff that they thought looked like castles. There's one in Texas that was built in 1990 :) California has Hurst Castle. Boldt Castle in New York is a good one. Many English stately homes might be good entries. We've got some structures that are just a stone facade with nothing behind it, as long as it is a real, more or less life sized castle looking thinge. No castle-looking play children's structures. If you have a nice exterior view of pretty much anything ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD that could reasonably claim to look like a castle BUT REALLY ISN'T, this is a good challenge for you. I don't much care how old it really is.
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Alexander’s Castle
Fairmont Hotel, Ottawa
Fairy's Castle
Clayton Tunnel
Wachau Valley
Castello di Amarosa
Belevere Castle, Central Park
St Francis of Assisi Church in Vienna
Around 1900
Nymans, nr Haywards Heath, Sussex UK
Northampton MA - City Hall
Building over highway
Prince of Wales Hotel
Château de Chambord
Palazzo Vecchio
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