-The Bicycle- ( in Full Colours Only)

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In this challenge, take an outdoors dayshot of one or more bicycle(s) as the main subject set against an interesting back/foreground scenery/ landscape/cityscape. The orientation of the shot is to be landscape; the composition has to be immaculate; the lighting sublime. In post-processing, edit the photo to produce eye-catching vivid (yet not overly saturated) colours and clean up the photo to elevate the overall image quality to look flawless. There shall be no human in the shot unless it's tiny and insignificant. My suggestions, a photo of a bicycle in front of the Pyramids/ a Volcano crater/ A waterfall/ A row of trees, Concrete Jungle....etc, etc. Three entries are allowed per member, but make each of them a different bicycle/scenery.
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Gone Fish'n
gold plated bike
daughter's bicycle with sun flair
Snow Bikes
20181102_163900 (2)
Yellow Wheels
Big Pink
muddy mountain bike
Oosterdokskade Bicycle
De Pijp Bicycle
Union Station Bicycle
2 Bikes & Window
Wood bicycle
Flowers delivery to the village
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-Spring Festival in the Hutongs-
-In the Hutongs-
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