-Faces of Ethnicities- (Portrait in Full Colours Only)

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In this challenge, imagine you're submitting a photo to Wikipedia for an sample photo of one human ethnicity (or a mixture of ethnicities). You are to capture the physical traits of your model's ethnicity(ies) in a well lit photograph of one adult human being (maximum framing = from waist up). He/She has to be still as if he/she was posing for you. What I wanna see : telling facial features, natural facial skin complexion (ideally not altered too much by make up), natural hair texture and colour, eye colour, shape of nose etc. Accessories (except for eyeware) such as tattoos, piercings, hats etc etc are allowed provided they don't obstruct the face too much. Do not - submit shots taken in poor light/ night shot/ shots where the there are other people in the frame. Three entries are allowed per member, but make them of a different ethnicity from one another.
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... Seamstress ... Sapa ... Veitnam ...
Indian Lad from Kolkata
Bagpipe Player
Vendor in Kashmir
Latin/ Cuban
Dia de los Muertos
Jim Laughing
Mexican Lad-9557
Miss Universe 2018
Chinese Lass-8070
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