-National Geographic Magazine Cover: The People and Culture Challenge - ( in Full Colours Only + Yellow Trim

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The theme is about people+culture, whereby one or more human adult(s) shall be the main subject/focus of the shot. Ideally the background lends a context or suggests an intriguing story. As a start, the entrant is to photograph a highly interesting content in a compelling composition and ample lighting. In post-processing, the entrant shall skillfully edit the photo to produce eye-catching vivid (yet not overly saturated) colours and clean up the photo to elevate the overall image quality to look flawless. Finally add a yellow NatGeo magazine cover trim. Keyword suggestions: capture culture in its many forms such as intangible cultural heritages featuring festivals, dances, work, religion, food, marriage, celebration and death etc etc. Whatever it is, it needs to tell a story beyond the faces and clothes. Things to avoid, child (ren) as the main subject.
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