-"Get Off My Lawn"- (BW Portrait of One Snarky Olde Man)

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A snarky person comes across as cranky, snide, sarcastic or grumpy. According to an article by NBC news, 'As more baby boomers hit 60 —the age when male grumpiness seems to kick in, be ready for a growing chorus of grouchy flare-ups.' Dr. Ridwan Shabsigh attributes this spike in irritability to hormone drops which are known to dampen male moods. "Patients with low testosterone tell me they feel less capable of concentration. And they feel less capable of tolerating the nuances of everyday life – from family, friends, colleagues and customers,” Shabsigh said. Based on the serious medical condition explained above, take a shot of one snarky olde man. (No, there's no need of him to be on his porch shouting towards the lawn). You may want to include his snarky cat, dog, cow or ferret as company but the focus should be on him. The winning entry would be the photo the voters feel best to accompany the article above.
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get off the grass 2
Father and daughter
Security guard in restaurant.
Old head hunter
Why Are You Still Here-2
Old Coot
I'm Watching You
Checking for Bargains
BillF 57 sm BW
Are you talking to me?
Olde Man
Grumpy Grampy
get off the grass 1
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