-My Food- (in Full Colours Only)

Challenge is announced but not yet accepting submissions
Take a high image quality shot of your food while still untouched. It shall be well lit (a bit on the high key side, rather than low key) and well composed. Make sure that it remains relatively free of humans. My keyword suggestions - show beautiful protein, juicy steaks and crispy pork bellies. Three entries are allowed per member, but make them look completely different food from one another. Lame uninteresting shots would likely be removed.
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Sunday, 1st December, 2019 (GMT)
Sunday, 8th December, 2019 – Saturday, 14th December, 2019 (GMT)
Sunday, 15th December, 2019 – Saturday, 21st December, 2019 (GMT)
Processing rules:
  • Please restrain yourselves from going overboard with it.
  • No HDR-like shots please.
  • Don't delete the background, this isn't a pp challenge.
Capture date rules:
  • No restrictions.
Additional rules:
  • The total entry limit is now set at 80, I might slightly increase the limit if this challenge is well received.
  • Do not submit shots used in previously completed DPReview.com challenges.
  • No political statements please, any photos with the slightest hint of controversial statement or message will be removed without any notice.
  • Shots I find offensive might be removed.
  • Make sure the entries look good and tasteful (at least you must find your own shot tasteful).
  • Complaints might not be entertained after the voting has ended.
  • The host's action (or inaction) is up to him.
Maximum number of entries per user:
Maximum number of entries in challenge:
submissions end in
8 days
no entry
voting phase ends in
15 days
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