Zoo trip ~ Dangerous. Something that could kill.

Challenge #5 in the Zoo trip series. Hosted by Pete from Aus.
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Dangerous. Something that could kill. Lets see a photo of something in the Zoo that could do us harm. Please don't put yourself in danger to get this shot! This is the fifth week of a 6 week series. It's hard to capture wild life if you live in a city, but there is always the Zoo. In this series, we can bring the wildlife from your local zoo to our desktop. Each week will look for something different. Check the series for details of each week theme.
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Polar Bears at play
Reticulated Python
Pig Can Kill
Floating by
Snow leopard
Tiger at Woburn Safari Park(UK)
Tiger talks
Timber Wolf (El Lobo)
Bengal Tiger-8469
Amur Leopard Snarls
Chimpanzee. Ramat Gan Safari Park. Tel Aviv, Izrael
Deadly Headley
Argus Monitor
Double threat
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Adelaide Zoo
Adelaide Zoo
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