Lichen and moss

Challenge #46 in the Frame of Mind series. Hosted by Dutch Newchurch.
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Lichen is a composite organism made up from fungi and algae or cyanobacteria. Mosses are small flowerless plants that typically grow in dense green clumps or mats. Either or both must be a main compositional element in your shot. Enter a landscape, or a macro or micro shot, or anything between. As long as the picture wouldn't work without the moss or lichen in it. Churchyards are a good place to find lichens.
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Lichen looks like a micro tree
Lichen In Snow, Kyrgyzstan
"He went that way, No that way, No that way"....
Nara Stone Lanterns
A carpet of plants
Fence Rail Moss!!!
Mossy Host
mossy log, NSW
Lichen sharing space with a brilliant Bromeliad
Moss in winter
Collection of Mooses
Moss around dried-up stream
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