The Letter "A" or "a" as found NOT SIGNS

Challenge #13 in the Just for fun series. Hosted by bikinchris.
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You will submit images that look like a capitol or lower case "A" that you have found and photographed. You are NOT allowed to submit photos of printed text, signs or paintings. These need to be items you found, such as the example. Nor can you draw a letter and then photograph it. Detail crop of an image of something normal to show that it LOOKS LIKE a letter of the alphabet. (in this case the letter A. A common theme I have seen lately is making prints of detail shots and selectively cropping it to show what looks like a letter of the alphabet. So let's make a challenge out of it and see what you can come up with. Please note the additional rules for clarification for entrants and voters. YES, it's okay to enter this challenge after entering that other challenge I worded wrong.
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Letter A
Transport Rack
Lazy >
"A" as an office
Kan Temple
Buoys Forming an "A"
Parking Lot Floor
Medieval Lock Mechanism.
"A' Shadow
Fireplace and Chimney A
beach house findhorn bay
The letter A
A - blue-dasher
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