Shrinking the world in seven chapters - the Power of Flight

Challenge #42 in the Sevens series. Hosted by Dutch Newchurch.
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This is the sixth in the series: ‘Shrinking the world in seven stages’. Imagine you have been asked to provide one or two creative and inspirational illustrations for a series of lectures. This is on how powered flight has revolutionised travel and communication around the world. No birds (or other flying creatures), or unpowered aircraft (balloons and gliders) please. Possibilities include: - Zeppelins or other dirigibles (photoshop is allowed). - aviators and ground crew. - airfields and airports. - historic aircraft in flight or on the ground. - modern aircraft in flight or on the ground. (The whole series is here: )
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Grounded after speed of sound
F35B turning and burning.
Caravelle and Concorde
wind in the hair, seat of the pants
Boeing PT-17 Stearman
Boeing PT-17 Stearman
Last Flight of Endeavor-1765
Emirates on final
Airport hustle and bustle
Two Classic Aircraft
The power of DC 3
into the light
DCA Activity
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