Shrinking the world in seven chapters - the Internal Combustion Engine

Challenge #40 in the Sevens series. Hosted by Dutch Newchurch.
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This is the fifth in the series: ‘Shrinking the world in seven stages’. Imagine you have been asked to provide one or two creative and inspirational illustrations for a series of lectures. This is on how the internal combustion engine replaced wind, steam and animal power. No aircraft please. They will be eligible for next week’s challenge. Possibilities include: - historic road vehicles. - historic ships and boats. - people controlling powered machinery. - people travelling in powered machinery. - modern roads and vehicles. - modern ships and boats. (The whole series is here: )
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VW engine
Engine section - pistons and valves
Model T -7941
First Automobile-8945
Jaguar XK-E
2018-05-05 (15)
Classic Sports Car
Supercharged Hot Rod
Check the engine
Harley Davidson engine
Model T
The Rolls Royce of Engines
Model T Ford
Horse Power Minus Horse
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