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This is the sixth in the series: ‘Seven Scientific Theories’. Imagine you have been asked to provide one or two creative and inspirational illustrations for a textbook on chaos theory. Complexity comes from simple mathematical rules. Minor variations in the starting position may result in very different results. Chaos theory may describe unpredictable events. Storms? Fractal patterns in nature (ferns, ice crystals, the self-similarity of coastlines)? A horse race? (The whole series is here: )
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Chaotic Light Bulb
The Speed of Light
Chaotic patterns of ice
Chaos in the web
Fractal Romanesco
Underwater Fractal
Above my head worlds collide
Chaos theory Bifurcation
Spiral within spirals
Chaotic fishing tools
Chaos of cracks
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Dancing for the Dawn - Summer Solstice at Stonehenge
One thousand Vulcan bombers
Sierpinski triangles
Mandelbrot set detail
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