Newton's laws of motion

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This is the third in the series: ‘Seven Scientific Theories’. Imagine you have been asked to provide one or two creative and inspirational illustrations for a textbook, on Newton's laws of motion. A spacecraft in free fall (the first law)? A dragster burning rubber (the second law)? A heeling yacht (the third law)? An interceptor with flaming afterburners (the second or third law)? A cannon firing (the third or second law)? (The whole series is here: )
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Opposing Gravity
Will the fixed ball move?
Silly Symphony Swing-5219
Going Down
Canon Firing
Americas Cup
Helicopter Rotors
going down
Splish Splash Bath
California Screamin'-5045
Heading to a collision !
Cannon Fire
Newtons Second Rule
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Rendevous in orbit
It works!  It works!
Professor Cavor adjusts the jet pack
Newton's Third Law
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