The theory of gravity

Challenge #25 in the Sevens series. Hosted by Dutch Newchurch.
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This series is ‘Seven Scientific Theories’. Imagine you have been asked to provide one or two creative and inspirational illustrations for a textbook on the theory of gravity. An apple falling from a tree? A musket ball and a cannonball dropped from the leaning tower of Pisa? A satellite in orbit? A rocket blasting off? Gravitational lensing around a black hole? Illustrate gravity! (The whole series is here: )
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Free fall
Water Fall
Polaria Aquarium
Gravitational Effects
InvisibleForceAtDistance OrJust SpaceTimeCurvature
Fun with Gravity
Pole vault
Wet Duck-001
“What goes up must come down.”
gravity...what goes up, must come down
Livigno - jetting snow
Dragonfly overcoming gravity
Looks like fun
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One on target!
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