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Show us something or someone religious. Perhaps a holy man or woman, a place of worship (current or historic) or other holy place. Or a holy object or symbol. Photograph a deity if you can! Those are examples, feel free to show something else. Be respectful, be critical, be creative. Don't simply record the art of others, bring something more from your own soul.
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Christ on the way to Golgotha.
Seated Buddha showing the “Bhumisparsha Mudra” meditation pose.
Inside the Church of Virgin Mary Lagouvarda
PERU Easter
Holy Sepulchre Jerusalem 2013
Mother of the Unborn
Religious-Chhat-Sun God ,worshipers, waiting
At the Cross
At Peace withinEpscsP3281
Stained Glass
St. Peter's Basilica
Painted Churches of Texas
One of the Painted Churces of Texas
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Saint Richard
Going to mass.
Wild Fox, of the Druids of Dorset Grove
Stonehenge - the night before the Summer Solstice
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