Show your two colors 2!

Challenge #2 in the Untitled series. Hosted by kkardster.
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Show an image containing only two key colors, including the background. PLEASE READ THE FULL RULES as my previous challenge resulted in more disqualifications than valid entries. The image should be made up entirely of two main colors. The image may contain multiple shades of the two colors, for example multiple shades of Red and Pink would qualify as the color Red. However, Yellow and Orange will be considered two different colors, etc. This is a follow on to the earlier "Show your two colors" challenge whose rules resulted in many disqualified entries due to its stringent two colors only (no shades) requirement. I hope those who were disqualified from that challenge will submit those images to this challenge instead.
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Orange and Blue
Golden Avenue
Cape Town
Apple and Dew
Pretty Splash
Spring Flower
2017-08-25 13-22-01
A glass of water with a twist
Memories of spring
Canola in Windermere
Bubbles in ice
pink and silver
Spring Snowflakes
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Reeds on lake
Tracks at sunset
Box Elder Bug 2 colors
The Fishermen
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