An A to Z of Subjects- Week 19, S

Challenge #78 in the Picture This series. Hosted by Bren Dyer.
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An A to Z of Subjects- Week 19, S. This week the main subject must start with the Letter S, So the subject could be anything from Stars to a Stamps. Do you have a Swallow? Maybe a Scarecrow photo? How about a Swan? Remember as this is an open challenge your image must really stand out to win. The rules are simple but I require you to state the subject in either the description or the title. Please do not be too ambiguous, otherwise, it may be disqualified. Please, no proper names. Katie is either a child, a girl, lady or a woman etc.. To win this challenge there should be a strong sense of subject, and one that matches this weeks challenge.
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Square with fontain (Fontana Di Trevi, Rome)
Supreme Court
Sunset in Rome
Skeletons on Ship
Shadow of a glass artifact
Salad Bar
Swimmer - open water triathlon
Sunset and Cross
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