Beneficial Insects & Spiders

Challenge #201 in the Life in the Natural World series. Hosted by RuthC.
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Recently, I hosted an 'Unwelcome, Undesirable Insects or Spiders' challenge. Today's challenge is for you to show us some of the beneficial insects or spiders which help mankind. Bees are an obvious choice, since they pollinate the fruit, vegetables, and flowers in our world. But there are many other helpful insects: silkworms produce silk, ladybirds, praying mantids, hoverflies and other insects prey on problem pests in gardens or farms. The golden silk orb-weaver spider produces silken thread which can be woven into breathtakingly beautiful garments. See Make sure your entry is 1,600px MAXIMUM on its longer side. DPR does NOT resize your photos for you. You need to do this yourself BEFORE you enter a challenge. Entrants with oversize photos will not be invited to re-submit them. Get the size right the first time!
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Stink bug.
Flying Insects
Blue banded bee
Syrphid fly
Tawny Coster butterfly
Hoverfly in Yellow
Bee on its job
Australian Emerald Hemicordulia australiae ?  and a Gasteruptiid Wasp
Silver Argiope
My lawn chair buddy
Ladybug on dandelion
Ladybug on Aspen Leaf
Bee Orange
Lady in orange
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Ladybirds: The Aphid Slayers!
No Bees = No Apples
1,600px MAXIMUM
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