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Before a single line is drawn, a nail driven, or a shovel of earth turned, builders must measure first. From knowing where the building site is to be on earth to the pitch of the roof over our heads, we must measure. From the simple to the complicated, we need to know how long, deep, wide, and high things need to be in order to yield a structure that is functional, attractive and meaningful for us. This challenge is to illustrate in a photograph the tools we use to measure at every stage in building a structure: survey tools from a theodolite to a rod, chain and plumb bob; they also include tape measures, squares, rulers, measuring wheels, ad infinitum. Your images may include the objects alone or in use by a person. Please do not limit your vision to current technology and methods. We have been measuring and surveying for buildings, bridges, and roadways for millennia - somewhere in the world someone is still using many of these tools today. They should be remembered.
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measure twice...
Reflectorless Total Station at Work
Carpenter's rule with 1-, 2-, and 3-inch brushes
In The Beginning
Everything starts with a plan......
A 2 Meter Wood RELIABLE  Measure
Caliper 4" mark
Old beam compass
Level, tape, roofing square and rule
Level n Measure
Tools of the trade
Realible Measuring  Tools
Construction Basic Tools
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