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A brick is one of the most common building material forms in the world. The characteristics found most commonly are: 1) manufactured - you don't pick them up from the ground or cut them down in the forest. Rather, they are formed from clay or mud (sometimes with other material as a binder) by hand or machine and baked in a oven, dried in the sun, or chemically hardened.This challenge is to present images that illustrate any of the many uses of bricks in construction in an appealing, attractive, and accurate way. It can be a whole building, a detail of their use, or a hod-full of them awaiting placement. Given a nearly 7000 year history and the remarkable variations in materials, how they're made, their colors, and uses, I hope to see a range of submissions that mirror their broad uses around the world. When looking at the images, one must be certain that a "brick" something is the major subject: wall, house, floor, patio, walkway, whatever. Open your eyes to their presence everywhere.
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Bricks and Mortar
Old Boarding House Bricks
St Sernin
Ancient Bricks
old brick fort
Old brick belfry
Ayutthaya - ancient capital of Thailand
Bricks on the Great Wall
Nassau Brick
University of Technology Sydney
Brick crafts
Red brick
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Chesapeake Wall
Brick Walkway
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