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Challenge #59 in the Macro series. Hosted by Michael Piziak.
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Submit a macro photo of a bubble or bubbles. Refer to this defination from of what a bubble(s) is: bubble [buhb-uh l] Spell Syllables Examples Word Origin noun 1. a nearly spherical body of gas contained in a liquid. 2. a small globule of gas in a thin liquid envelope. 3. a globule of air or gas, or a globular vacuum, contained in a solid. 4. anything that lacks firmness, substance, or permanence; an illusion or delusion. 5. an inflated speculation, especially if fraudulent: The real-estate bubble ruined many investors. 6. the act or sound of bubbling. 7. a spherical or nearly spherical canopy or shelter; dome: The bombing plane bristled with machine-gun bubbles. A network of radar bubbles stretches across northern Canada. Source: Submit a photo of bubbles that are tiny (like on carbonated drinks) or larger (from children blowing bubbles) or anything else! Have fun!
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