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Challenge #11 in the The natural world around you series. Hosted by Ohmyhi.
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As in challenges before, I enjoyed sharing photos of ID'ed animals to help people see what animals can be found where. In this challenge I am wanting the focus to be entirely focused on photos that could be used in books to ID animals. The idea is to get at least a full body and side view of an animal. The voting will be based on the best ID able animal. For example if someone photographs a Great Blue Heron and it is a full body photo with a clear focus and easy to tell photo, that will be able to be used to ID a species. You may put multiple imagines from different angles (ventral, dorsal, caudal, cranial) into a collage of photos. But each photo must be of a different view of the species photographed. I.E. for birding it is nice to have a ventral (bottom) dorsal (top), cranial (face, front) and caudal (tail, back) to help be able to ID the animal fully in the field. If you are interested in furthering your ID'ing skills, NatureShare.come is a great place to check out.
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Big Bird
Australian Echidna
Blue Damselfly
Male Impala
Patagonian huemul
White Tail Fawn
Juvenile Little Blue Heron
Basking Crocodile
Juvenile Cowfish
Himalayan Black Bear.
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