Macro - Where did it go?

Challenge #60 in the Macro series. Hosted by Michael Piziak.
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Submit a Macro photo showing that some small life-form had been there, but it is not there anymore. Examples I just thought up: It could be miniature footprints from an insect/spider/bug, but the organism has left the scene of the crime - LOL. Or maybe, a spider web where you just can't see or find a spider there anymore. And it doesn't have to be in the animal kingdom, it can be a macro photo of *any* type of life-form that was once there - be it plant, fungi, etc.... From the author of this challenges: I strive to bring challenges to the community that are not repeats of my previous challenges. I have strove, tried very hard, to offer challenges that are fresh, new, and unique to my past challenges. It has become more and more difficult to deliver new and fresh challenges that are not repeats of my past challenges, but I consider it a challenge to myself to offer new and fresh challenges to the community that aren't the simple repeats that other challenges often deliver.
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Empty web
what was left = where did it go...?
The hen is gone
Shedded Skin
Dewy web
Where did the pegeon fly?
Anybody  Home???
Chewed Leaf
The spider is long gone....
Who was Here?
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