-Courtship Gestures 1- (in Full Colours Only)

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"According to Allan Pease(1997), typical male courtship involving non-verbal communication include: preening (straightening the tie, smoothing hair), thumbs in belt (pointing towards genitals), turning his body to face a female, pointing his foot towards her, holding her gaze, hands on his hips, dilated pupils and the 'leg spread' (crotch display)". ( Huczynski, Organizational Behaviour , 2013) Based on the description above, take a dayshot of one or more than one human male adult (of any sexual orientation except transsexuality) who is exhibiting non-verbal courtship gestures. Face of the main subject must be visible. Sunset/sunrise shots are acceptable provided they are not those silhouette type of shots.
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"Holding Her Gaze..."
"Come here..."
Strong Loving Couple
The Naked cowboy
Kiss on the street
Into her eyes
Dance of Love
Elegant men and beautiful women
playing Love songs
Let's go, babe, go!
"Filling up the tank" gaze
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