Tracks in Nature

Challenge #144 in the Life in the Natural World series. Hosted by RuthC.
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In this nature challenge, show us examples of tracks, footprints, or indications of movement where an animal has been, (vertebrate or invertebrate). Your entry might show crab tracks in the wet sand, beetle tracks, snail trails, bird footprints, animal paw prints. I'll accept the deep rutted tracks made by animals such as sheep, goats, cows, etc as they persistently use the same pathways to food, water, shelter etc. Please, no tracks of domestic pets or human footprints, (too easy). Macro and close-ups welcome. Size of entry: 1,600px on its longer side.
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Nobody knows...
Death Valley Tracks in the Sand
the way they walk...
Penguin tracks, Antarctica
Crabs at work
Swan Tracks
Busy Bugs of Death Valley
Tracks in the snow
Frozen footprint
Early morning visitor of unknown species
Elephant Tracks
Wildebeest Tracks
Criss cross
Tidal Pool Racetrack
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Longicorn Beetle Larvae Tracks
Who made these tracks?
Random Limpet Wanderings
1,600px MAXIMUM
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