Nature: The True Inventor of VELCRO

Challenge #143 in the Life in the Natural World series. Hosted by RuthC.
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Modern-day VELCRO was designed by a Swiss inventor, George de Mestral, after he studied the burdock burrs clinging to his clothes and hair on his dog after a hike in the mountains. In this challenge, show us the sorts of prickly burrs (burs), or seed-sacs which cling to passers-by, in order to travel to new fertile ground. You may enter pictures of small prickly or sticky seeds such as burrs, acaena species, forget-me-nots, burr clover, flowers with sticky stalks such as plumbago, etc. Please don't enter photos of teasels or large thistles, as these are easily seen and avoided when you are out walking. They will have their own challenge in a few weeks' time. Macro and close-up photos welcome. Size of entry: 1,600px MAXIMUM on its longer side.
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Who's holding Who
Stick With Me
Dry Burs in Spring
porcupine eggs
Shore sticky flowers
The Origin Of Velcro Fastener
Bristly Seed Pods of Mimosa Pigra
Burs Spring 2015
Bidgee widgee
I'm just hooked on you
Double Snag
The hooks of Hook and Loop
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Yes, Those Spears are Sharp!
Sticky Plumbago Flowers
Unwelcome Burrs
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