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This week's macro based challenge will be from the arachnid family (spiders). Once again, just to be clear, a spider is defined as "a small creature that has eight legs and usually creates a web of sticky threads in which it catches insects for food" (Merriam-Webster). Basically, if it looks like a spider, feel free to include it, i.e. a "daddy-long legs" is technically not a true spider, but it is close enough in this case. I hope to do another challenge in the coming weeks that includes other arachnids, i.e. scorpions and such, so hold onto those photos. Please share your best spider photos with the community, as I have enjoyed the various spider photos shown in previous challenges immensely. I think others will as well. I increased the number of submissions to 125 for this one. The insect challenge proved to be popular, so I am assuming this one will be as well.
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Chow time!
Mighty Power of Mother Nature
Dinner Guests
Not so scary spider
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Young Furrow Spider
Bold Jumper Hunting
Bold Jumping Spider
Daddy Long Legs
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