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Inside the safety issues surrounding last month's helicopter crash

WIRED examines what exactly happened last month, when a helicopter chartered by FlyNYON for a doors-off aerial photography tour of New York crashed into the East River, killing five passengers.

Photographer behind the popular 'distracted boyfriend' meme speaks out

What's it like having your photo go viral, become a meme, and take on a life of its own? Photographer Antonio Guillem, the man who took the 'distracted boyfriend' photo, shares his experience.

The rise and fall of selfie-drone manufacturer Lily

It started with a great idea and a slick promotional video, and ended with the company headquarters being raided by the San Francisco District Attorney’s office. Wired reports on Lily, the selfie-drone maker that never got off the ground.

When the selfie turns sacreligious

"Standing in one of the holiest places on earth, I felt uneasy," writes Wired's Jason Parham. "Most of my fellow visitors, I realized with a brief bloom of nausea, were taking selfies."

Scientists 'upload' a horse GIF onto bacteria

Could the future of photo and video storage be... alive? Scientists at Harvard have managed to encode a GIF of a galloping horse into a live sample of E. coli.

Air Koryo's aging airliners are beautiful, scary time-capsules

Air Koryo started flying in 1952, and much of its current fleet still dates from the 1960s. Danish commercial photographer Arthur Mebius has taken 24 flights on some of its oldest airplanes, so you don't have to.

Surreal photo shows London high-rise fire from the air

Photographer Jason Hawkes had planned on taking aerial photos for architectural firms, but on Wednesday morning he unexpectedly encountered a scene that will haunt him for the rest of his life.

Astronaut Tim Peake's incredible photos of Earth from the ISS

F8 and be there indeed.

Mathematician turns Juno images into stunning Jupiter flyby video

NASA's Juno probe has been sending back images of Jupiter, and mathematician Gerald Eichstaedt has turned them into a video, simulating a Jovian flyby.

The GIF just turned 30

All hail the mighty GIF – it's thirty years old and never looked better.

Fascinating portrait series features people who seek friendship on Craigslist
Before and after photos show Big Sur landslide

Last week, more than a million tonnes of Californian coastline slid into the ocean, taking part of Highway 1 with it. Check out the remodeling in photos taken before and after the landslide.

Drone photos meet "Inception" in Flatlands II

Photographer Aydın Büyüktaş uses a drone, 3-D rendering and Photoshop to create mind-bending landscapes.

How do drones fly?

WIRED does a science and lays it all out for us.

WIRED publishes gallery of stunning photos taken from drones

The photos are great, but whether drones should have been flying in a couple of these places is debatable.

Adrian Fish's images offer a rare look at the archives of the East German secret police

Canadian Photographer Adrian Fish and his camera got access to the archives and meeting rooms of the Berlin office of the East German secret police for the series Deutsche Demokratische Republik: The Stasi Archives. 

Gaze upon these surreal photos of a mirror and a salt lake

Murray Fredericks' mesmerizing photos are an exercise in minimalism.

Former fashion photographer captures the world's largest telescopes

Spoiler alert: they're really big.

Lauren Greenfield's 'Generation Wealth' studies the influence of affluence

A fascinating study of vanity.

Real 3D images of Mars make up this video of a simulated flight over the red planet

It took photographer and self-proclaimed space enthusiast Jan Fröjdman three months to produce a video turning NASA anaglyph images of Mars into a simulated flight over the planet. Read more

Is this drone-toting concept car the future of photojournalism?

Could a car designed specifically for embedded photojournalists and those shooting in remote regions help them to better overcome daily challenges? This concept aims to do just that. Read more

Turn your doodles into Google satellite images with Land Lines

Looking for a moment of zen? This simple game analyzes user-generated scribbles and instantly merges them with Google satellite images. Read more

Parachut is a subscription service for borrowing expensive camera gear

Parachut is a subscription-based service that allows you to borrow from a wide variety of equipment - old and new - for $149 per month. Read more

Lost 1960s moon photos recovered from analog tapes

More than 50 years after the satellites that captured the first high-res images of the moon plunged to the surface and were destroyed, a Wired article tells the story of a group of people that found the tapes after they ended up in storage in California. Re-engineering the old drives capable of reading the tapes, they've recovered these historically significant images. Learn more

Artist Emma Jaubert Howell prints photos onto hand-blown glass

Artist Emma Jaubert Howell has combined her passions for glass blowing and photography by adopting the wet plate collodion process to expose images directly onto her artwork. The process alone is tricky, but to expose onto her three-dimensional glasswork Howell had to create a camera from scratch that was large enough to accommodate the hand-blown bowls. We spoke to Emma about her project. Learn more about her process and see some of her art in our gallery. 

Tamas Dezso offers glimpse into post-Communist Romania

Tamas Dezso is a fine art documentary photographer based in Budapest. Since 2011 he has been documenting the disintegration of former Communist Romania's infrastructure in a series of photographs called 'Notes for an Epilogue'. In his own words, the purpose of the project is to 'render a world which may disappear forever imperceptibly and very rapidly due to the transitional nature of the [Communist] era'. See gallery

Apple's Jony Ive and Marc Newson design special edition Leica M

Jony Ive, design mastermind at Apple, and Marc Newson, the creative force behind the thoroughly unconventional Pentax K-01, have collaborated with Leica to design a special edition Leica M for a good cause. The unique M will be sold at auction, at an event raising money for The Global Fund to fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria. The one-of-a-kind camera is the product of 85 days' work and nearly 1000 prototype parts. Click through for the full details.

Smarter cameras may help bring autonomy to space robots

Space robots, including the Curiosity rover currently roaming Mars, have been great at following orders. Now, scientists are looking for ways to put more decision making power within the grasp of the rover itself. A team at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory is developing a camera system called TextureCam to do just that. They've developed an algorithm to allow the rover to analyze 3D images and determine whether an object in front of it deserves further investigation. Click through to read more.

Photo project documents rivers of the interior U.S.

Jeff Rich's photo project started at the French Broad river outside of Asheville, North Carolina. Since then, 'Watershed Project' has taken him to the Tennessee River and now the Mississippi in an effort to document and raise awareness of the safekeeping of these rivers. To create some boundaries for the project, he's limited the scope to capturing the stewardship, pollution and control of the rivers. Click through and check out some of his images.

Black-and-white images capture the power of summer storms

Summer in North America means severe weather for much of the continent. Powerful storms are accompanied by unusual cloud formations, signs of the violent atmospheric conditions that spawn turbulent weather. Photographer Mitch Dobrowner and guide Roger Hill have spent the past few summers traveling the US chasing storms, and creating stunning black-and-white images in the process. Click through to see some of these gorgeous photos of some ugly weather.

Watch the trailer for ski movie shot with gyro-stabilized 4K rig

Back in April we posted about the GSS C520 - a five-axis gyro stabilized 4K cinema system being used by Teton Gravity Research to shoot a feature film about skiing. If the preview footage is any indication, it'll be pretty intense, putting the 4K rig to work in some impressive locations. The trailer is available online now - click through to see the preview footage in all its high-definition glory. 

Editorial: Why some people hate comments (and why we don't)

Mat Honan of thinks the time has come to banish comments sections from web pages. Writing in's Gadget Lab blog, Honan describes the 'collective delusion' among online publishers that comments are a necessary component of web content and characterizes active comments moderation as 'a messy, frustrating and typically thankless affair that involves more time than most people have'. In this short editorial, editor Barnaby Britton explains why we do allow comments, despite the downsides. 

Michael Wolf offers a new perspective on Hong Kong's high-rises

At first glance, Michael Wolf's photos look like they could be a tapestry or abstract art. Look closer and you'll see that they're actually cleverly composed photos of Hong Kong's ubiquitous high-rises. Wolf would head to one of the many hills in the city - or sometimes just go upstairs in an adjacent building - and set up his camera. The results are spectacular, as you'll see after the link.

Bolivian airline's demise documented in haunting photos

Photographer Nick Ballon stumbled across the Lloyd Aero Boliviano headquarters on an annual trip to Bolivia. He was captivated by the expansive property and dilapidated buildings he saw, and his curiosity sparked a photo series and collaboration with Bolivian writer Amaru Villanueva Rance. Six months exploring the grounds, talking with employees and researching the long history of the dying airline has resulted in a stunning photo series and a book called Ezekiel 36:36. Click through for a glimpse into the L.A.B. 

Cardboard printers? Samsung concepts look to cheaper, sustainable future

New printer concepts from Samsung look to lower-cost and sustainable materials as a way to reduce prices and environmental impact. Receiving recognition at the 2013 International Design Excellence Awards, these three designs take a page from Ikea's flat-pack, assemble-it-yourself playbook, using materials like corrugated cardboard and Polyethylene plastic to create printers with exteriors that are easier to manufacture. Will your next printer come with a cardboard shell? Click through and take a look at the concepts.

Modular concept camera captures photographer and subject simultaneously

It's not uncommon for photographers to feel much more at ease behind the camera rather than in front of it. Duo, a concept from Chin-Wei Liao, a Korean design school graduate, aims to transform the person behind the lens into photographer and subject simultaneously. Each half of the Duo is an individual camera. Assembled as one unit, pressing the shutter will record an image while capturing a picture of the person using the camera. Click through to read more about this modular camera system.