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Major Facebook bug exposed private photos of 6.8 million users to third-party apps

Facebook has disclosed a major photo API bug that left the private images of millions of users exposed to third-party apps from September 13, 2018 to September 25, 2018.

Quitting Instagram: She’s one of the millions disillusioned with social media. But she also helped create it.

Bailey Richardson, one of the original 13 employees at Instagram, has deleted the app, saying it's lost its identity.

A photographer's journey into the dying center of the Islamic State

Washington Post photographer Alice Martins joined Kurdish forces at the front lines of the battle against ISIS in Raqqa, Syria—a battle she calls, "a daily replay of horrors."

Students get the ultimate field trip: shooting photos in Morocco

High school students from New York got he chance to shoot along with award-winning photojournalist Ron Haviv in Morocco.

Russian photographer in White House 'security breach'

When President Trump met Russian diplomats at the White House this week, US Press were not invited. But a photographer for Russian news agency TASS was allowed in, apparently by accident. And some intelligence experts are worried.

FaceApp: The stuff of nightmares

FaceApp's taken off in the United States recently, and there's a few things wrong with it. One filter lightens skin regardless of your ethnicity, and it turns babies into demonic geriatrics.

Photographer sues Nike over rights to Jordan 'Jumpman' logo

In 1984, photographer Jacobus Rentmeester photographed a then college-enrolled Michael Jordan for Time Magazine. The image was later licensed and ultimately reshot by Nike, who eventually used the reshot version as the basis for their Jordan 'Jumpman' logo. Rentmeester is now suing Nike for copyright infringement, but does he have a case? Continue reading