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Photographing abandoned USSR space shuttles made me a Russian target

An anonymous urbex photographer tells the tale of how he broke into the bowels of the Baikonur Cosmodrome in southwest Kazakhstan to photograph some half-built USSR space shuttles, and why Russian agents have been looking for him ever since.

The man behind rock music's most iconic photos discusses his process

Neal Preston has shot timeless photos of everyone from Led Zeppelin, to Whitney Houston, to Michael Jackson. In this interview, he offers insights into his craft to up-and-comer Elijah Dominique.

Photographer takes 100-day road trip through Trump's America

Photographer Naomi Harris spent the first 100 days of the Trump administration traveling America, interviewing and photographing the people she met, to find out how they voted – and why.

Surreal photos capture Ukraine's fallen Lenin statues

The Ukrainian Parliament banned statues of Lenin in 2015. Two years later, the monuments no longer adorn public buildings or stand watch over town squares, but they're still there.

Feed your nightmares with these pictures of 1970s clowns

Photographer Jill Freedman spent some time in the 1970s photographing clowns for her book 'Circus Days'. Her original darkroom proof prints have just been unearthed. And honestly, we wish they hadn't been.

'People in Cars' revisits 1970's LA car culture

Photographer Mike Mandel discusses his latest book featuring a series of nostalgia-inducing portraits.

On the edge: Photos from the US-Mexico border

Vice shines a light on Texas' vast southern border communities and the men and women who live and work there.