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Monkey copyright lawsuit finally over, court rejects PETA's claims

One of the weirdest copyright cases in the history of photography is finally over. The courts have sided with photographer David Slater and rejected PETA's claim that the monkey who took the infamous selfie has any claim over the photograph's copyright.

Remembering LIFE picture editor Barbara Baker Burrows

LIFE Photo Editor Barbara Baker Burrows, who died of a rare brain disease called corticobasal degeneration on January 10th, chose the pictures that told some of the century’s biggest stories.

The story behind the most haunting photos from the Las Vegas shooting

"I could see people covered in blood and I thought, 'Oh my gosh, this is real.'” Photojournalist David Becker shares his story of capturing the horrifying scene in Las Vegas as it unfolded the night of October 1st.

Time-lapse captures thousands of fireworks going off over LA on July 4th

On July 4th, photographer Dylan Schwartz captured this time-lapse of Los Angeles from Mount Wilson Observatory. His vantage point gave him a spectacular snapshot of hundreds of individual fireworks displays.

Photographers and photo editors on the passion the drives them

For his last article as editor of the TIME LightBox photo blog, Olivier Laurent asked 13 influential photographers and photo editors to share what drives their work.

From Vietnam to Standing Rock: How photography captures the emotion of protests

Few things bring out more passion than a protest. A new exposition by Magnum Photo displays some of the most moving images from protests at Tiananmen Square, two Democratic National Convention and in the Ukraine.

Nat Geo photographer emphasizes important role of photography in conservation

Veteran wildlife photographer Nick Nichols talks with TIME about the power of images in promoting conservation of wild animals and, more importantly, the land they thrive on.

Photos capture political boundaries from space

We usually imagine the view of Earth from space as being free of visible political boundaries. But that's not always the case. TIME shows us some photos that prove otherwise.

Hotel turned into 3D model from 10,000 photos

The Oddviz collective created a 3D model of a hotel in Istanbul using 10,000 photos. It took two weeks to go from photos to 3D using a process known as photogrammetry.

TIME goes behind the scenes of unique White House photo shoot

How would you approach a photo shoot at the White House if your tour guide was the President of the United States? TIME photographer Benjamin Rasmussen shares his recent experience.

Souvid Datta controversy raises more than one set of questions for photojournalism

When photographer Souvid Datta's image of a child sex slave being raped was used by LensCulture to promote a competition, it provoked outrage. Since then, it has emerged that other images in Datta's portfolio were misappropriated or faked.

Souvid Datta admits to doctoring images

As a wise man once said, 'the truth will out.'

US military journal pays tribute to photographer killed in 2013

Four years after US Army combat photographer Hilda I. Clayton was killed in a training exercise in Afghanistan, army journal The Military Review has published her final photograph, in an issue focusing on gender equality in the military.

TIME Lightbox tells the story behind a viral May Day photo

Photographer Zakaria Abdelkafi, a Syrian refugee, explains how he reacted to a Molotov cocktail thrown at police, and how the experience impacted him.

Here's the first known photo of a US Presidential Inauguration

When James Buchanan was sworn into office on March 4, 1857, John Wood made history by making the first known photograph of a US Presidential inauguration. Read more

Getty Images Reportage shifts from editorial to commercial focus

Getty Images has announced that Getty Images Reportage, launched in 2007 feature powerful journalism and in-depth stories, will stop representing its photographers for editorial assignments as of October. Read more