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Video: mesmerizing stop motion film of raw wood being shaved away layer-by-layer

This captivating stop motion film was created by stripping away one layer of wood at a time. It's hard to look away.

Underwater macro photography in the Arctic

Alexander Semenov has been photographing invertebrates in the depths of the ocean for almost a decade, with a desire to 'boost people's interest in marine biology.' Mission accomplished.

Photos of busted objects with googly eyes

Bulgarian artist Vanyu Krastev is putting googly eyes on broken inanimate objects and the photos are delightful.

Fractal: A supercell thunderstorm time-lapse years in the making

Storm chaser and photographer Chad Cowan recently released Fractal, a compilation of thunderstorm time-lapses that took him six years and 100,000 miles to complete.

Making a splash: Photos capture colorful liquids frozen in time

Jeremy Floto and Cassandra Warner are the husband-and-wife duo behind Floto+Warner, a New York-based photo studio. Their aptly titled 'Colourant' series features Western and Midwestern US landscapes with - literally - a splash of color. Fast shutter speeds freeze the action and give them the appearance of sculptures, suspended in time for only a moment. They answered some questions about the series - see more of their work and find out how it came together. See gallery

Researchers in Tokyo develop high-speed subject tracking system

Engineers at Tokyo University's Ishikawa Oku Laboratory have come up with new technology to track extremely fast motion. Their new system - which uses 'Saccade Mirrors' for pitch and tilt, a 'pupil shift system', and very fast image processing - is able to keep even the quickest subject in the center of the frame at all times. According to engineers, the initial application for this system could be to capture video at sporting events. They expect it to be market-ready in about two years. Follow the link for a video demonstration of this intriguing new technology.