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Joel Meyerowitz on how smartphones killed the 'sexiness' of the street

"Nobody’s looking at each other. Everybody’s glued to their phones. [Street photography] is thriving but not in the way I used to do it. The best street photographers now show humans dwarfed by ad billboards. The street has lost its savour.'"

The Guardian names Zohra Bensemra Photographer of the Year

Reuters photojournalist Zohra Bensemra has been named 2017 Photographer of the Year for her work covering everything from the drought in Somalia, to the fight against ISIS in Iraq and Syria.

W Eugene Smith, the photographer who recorded everything

Photography icon W Eugene Smith didn't just capture the world in photos. A new book explores Smith's penchant for recording his interactions in audio, including conversations with Henri Cartier-Bresson, Diane Arbus and Robert Frank.

Photographer behind famous 'monkey selfie' is broke after years-long copyright battle

David Slater's viral 'monkey selfies' made him famous, but the legal battles over who actually owns the photos—him or the macaque who pressed the shutter—has left him broke and dejected.

'That's me!' Guardian interviews girl in famous Bruce Davidson photo

When Bruce Davidson visited Wales in the mid 1960s, a young Cheryl Winterson was playing in the street, oblivious to the presence of the Magnum photographer.

'Dusty' photos on display at London gallery

From moments that changed the political landscape forever, to a crowd watching the demolition of a Kodak plant, a new exhibition explores the images captured through clouds of dust.

News Corp to eliminate up to 70 'redundant' staff photographers in Australia

The Guardian reports that the company plans to adopt an outsourcing model that relies more on freelancers.

Photos document the struggle to find water in Somalia

A photo essay in The Guardian shows how a three year drought has driven people to leave their homes in search of water.

Drones capture symmetry from above

Capturing symmetry has always been a big part of photography, and drone users are bringing the same composition style to the skies.

Air pollution is bad, but can make for interesting photos

Air pollution isn't healthy, but a collection of photos in The Guardian shows that it can make for some impressive images.

Professional photographer detained after snapping photos of town hall

The photographer was held for an hour under British anti-terrorism laws while police searched through his images after he refused to identify himself.

Richard Mosse named 2017 Prix Pictet winner

The series, 'Heat Maps,' features refugee camps captured with a high-tech thermal imaging device.

Star Wars fans: May the 4th be with you

The Guardian posts a photo gallery of Star Wars fans who really get into character on unofficial 'Star Wars day.'

Atkins Ciwem Environmental Photographer of the Year 2014 shortlist

From over 10,000 entries, the shortlist selection has been revealed for the 2014 Atkins Ciwem environmental photographer of the year competition. In its seventh year, the competition sponsored by the Chartered Institution of Water and Environmental Management (Ciwem) encourages entrants from around the globe to showcase work that 'will inspire people around the world to start taking care of our environment'. See gallery

Hungarian law bans photos taken without consent

According The Guardian newspaper, a new law in Hungary that took effect on March 15th could have a potentially chilling effect on photographic freedoms in that country. It will make it illegal to take a photograph of someone without their express permission. This new civil code covers anyone in the frame, which means that photographers will have to seek permission from anyone in the foreground or background. Learn more

2014 Sony World Photography Awards finalists revealed

The shortlist for the Sony World Photography Awards has been announced in the Professional, Open, and Youth categories. Photographers from 166 countries submitted nearly 140,000 images, the highest number of entries in the awards' seven year history. The winners of the Open and Youth categories will be announced on March 18. Professional category winners will be announced April 30. See gallery

In Photos: Family business documented shipwrecks

The National Maritime Museum in London recently acquired a dramatic shipwreck photo collection from the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. John Gibson started a family photography business in the 1860s and took his first photograph of a shipwreck in 1869. His family has created some of the most evocative images of misadventure at sea over the last 125 years. See gallery

Robert Capa speaks for himself: 'The camera was far above my head'

'If your pictures aren't good enough, you aren't close enough', said famed photographer Robert Capa. He was certainly close enough to take his iconic 'Falling Solider' photograph during the Spanish Civil War. In a recently discovered radio interview from the 1940s, Capa explains how he took the photo that many have since alleged was staged. Learn more