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National Geographic: For decades, our coverage was racist

In this month's 'Race Issue,' National Geographic asked historian John Edwin Mason—who specializes in the history of photography and the history of Africa—to investigate the iconic magazine's coverage of people of color around the world.

Nat Geo photo of the day shows colorful Katowice

The Polish town of Katowice is not famed as an area of beauty, but as all photographers know, that doesn't mean that beauty can't be found if you look in the right places. Mariusz Pietranek used a drone to look down on the colorful sedimentation tanks at an ironworks.

Ignite your wanderlust with these photos from all U.S. national parks

What're your goals for next year? Photographer Jonathan Irish visited and photographed all 59 national parks in 13 months. And his photographs are gorgeous.

National Geographic details how it searches for altered photographs

The cover photo for National Geographic’s February 1982 issue featured a camel train in front of the Pyramids at Giza. Soon after publishing the issue, National Geographic was called out for having manipulated the image. Read more