Articles from Feature Shoot

What it's like to photograph the Olympics

Two veteran sports photographers share stories and tips from photographing the Olympics, as well as other high-profile sporting events throughout history.

Photographer documents 'dinnertime' across the US

Photographer Lois Bielefeld's surprisingly captivating photo project 'Weeknight Dinners' documents what dinnertime looks like for households across the US.

This self-taught photographer is telling the stories of women across rural India

Photographer Deepti Asthana's project Women of India documents the stories of women across rural India, revealing how far behind these regions are when it comes to girls' and womens' rights.

Haunting black-and-white images from Belgrade show a modern refugee crisis

Danish photographers Ulrik Hasemann and Mathias Svold spent time documenting the 75,000 refugees currently in Serbia's capitol city. Most are young men from conflict zones in Pakistan and Afghanistan.