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Do photojournalism contests glamorize pain and suffering?

"Jurist Thomas Borberg said in a WPP-produced video that 'You have to be able to feel a World Press Photo in your stomach. If not, it’s not a World Press Photo.' Given this position, it’s not surprising that violent images are the ones that provoke stomach churning reactions."

Opinion: Killing net neutrality is bad for pro creators

Photography portfolio site PhotoShelter is adding their voice to the growing group of online companies that are speaking out in favor of net neutrality, and against the FCC's upcoming vote to kill it.

How one photojournalist covered hurricane Harvey

How do cover a tragedy as wide-ranging as the Hurricane Harvey flooding in Houston? Chicago-based photojournalist Alyssa Schukar shares her experience preparing for and shooting Harvey for the NY Times.

Unsplash is (still) bad for photography

PhotoShelter's Allen Murabayashi responds to Mikael Cho's controversial defense of his company Unsplash in an unflinching look at why Unsplash is [still] bad for photography and photographers.

Photo story: A flower on the border of West Germany in 1989

Photographer Scott Miller shares the story behind his photo of a woman handing a police officer a flower on the border of West Germany in 1989, as the country (and the Berlin wall) crumbled.

This is what the photo editor at looks for

In this interview, Chiara Marinai, photo editor for, explains exactly what she looks for in new photographers and photo submissions. Take notes.

Outraged about photo theft? Register your damn copyright!

Outraged about the latest photo theft scandal? Great. PhotoShelter founder Allen Murabayashi suggests you put that frustration to good use and register your damn copyright.

Photoshelter interviews Bloomberg Photo Editor Eugene Reznik

On photography as a universal language and the importance of diversity.

PhotoShelter releases free professional food photography guide

PhotoShelter has launched 'The Professional's Guide to Food Photography,' a new free guide dedicated to the art and business of photographing food. The guide includes tips for breaking into the industry, in-depth interviews with food photographers and a how-to on building a portfolio. Read more

PhotoShelter introduces Pinterest-like photography curation service Lattice

PhotoShelter has introduced a new project it has been working on called Lattice, which allows the service's users to browse images that have been aggregated into boards. The way the service works is similar to Pinterest and will be rolling out in phases, the first of which is now available to the public. Read more

How to build a photo brand: Tips from photographer Art Wolfe

Branding is critical for a successful photography business regardless of the genre, and photographer Art Wolfe has built perhaps one of the strongest brands in his field. Wolfe has been shooting nature and wildlife images professionally for more than 30 years all over the world. This story on Photoshelter's blog gives some insight on how he built his photography business. Learn more

17 signs that you were alive before digital photography

Feeling old? Photoshelter has published a humorous list of 17 signs that you were around before digital photography became the norm. For those of us who were, the list is a nostalgic look at some tools and accessories that have fallen into disuse, as well as a reminder, possibly, that some things remain useful, even in the digital age. If you're too young to remember anything before digital, you should take a look at the list anyway. You might learn something.