The best examples of journalism on Vine we awarded last week at Twitter's NYC office.

In its first year, Vine has made quite a name for itself. Now, the app has its own Vine Journalism Awards. What is six second video journalism? According to my old photojournalism professor, it's an oxymoron. But to the folks at journalist tweet aggregator Muck Rack, it's something worth celebrating. 

At an event in Twitter's New York City office last week, journalists and media professionals came together to spoplight the best examples of Vine as a journalism tool. Winners included Daniel Wein's coverage of racing interns running to report the ruling of the Supreme Court on the Defence of Marriage Act ruling, Christian Lindner's video of a paraglider in Germany, and Zoe Fox's Vine of a man who had suffered from Polio riding a bicycle. Unable to pick a favorite breaking news video, the Vine Journalism Awards judges gave awards to each of the three finalists—Omar Villafranca, Doug Lorman, and NowThis News.

Check out the winning Vines from each category:

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