PMA 2005: Corel has announced a 30-day free trial of its new software RawShooter essentials 2005, which allows users to automatically import and batch process RAW files. Raw Shooter works with Paint Shop Pro, Paint Shop Pro Studio, Paint Shop Photo Album, and Photo-Paint. During the RAW conversion process image adjustments such as color and exposure correction, sharpening and noise suppression can be made. The result is TIFF or JPEG files which can be opened in Corel software.

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Press Release:

Corel Expands Camera Raw Support with RawShooter essentials 2005 from Pixmantec

Free Software Automates Batch Downloads, Saving Photographers Time and Money While Providing Maximum Control Over Digital Images

Orlando, FL- PMA- February 20, 2005 - Corel Corporation announced that, starting today, it will offer RawShooter essentials 2005 as a free download from its website at Developed by Denmark-based Pixmantec, RawShooter essentials 2005 enables photographers to automatically import and convert large batches of camera RAW images, saving them time and money with powerful, easy-to-use tools that previously cost hundreds of dollars. RawShooter essentials 2005 works with leading digital imaging software including Corel's Paint Shop Pro, Paint Shop Pro Studio, Paint Shop Photo Album, and Corel PHOTO-PAINT.

Corel will present the RawShooter essentials 2005 workflow along with its newly expanded portfolio of digital photography and imaging software at PMA in Orlando from February 20- 23, 2005 (Booth # 2463).

The ideal staging area for RAW format users to begin their photo projects, RawShooter essentials 2005 enables photographers of all skill levels to efficiently view, prioritize, and process large batches of camera RAW images. During the RAW conversion process, users may apply image adjustments, including color and exposure corrections, sharpening, and noise suppression. The result is a set of TIFF or JPEG files that can be easily opened in Corel's digital photography software where more advanced image enhancements can then be performed.

In Paint Shop Pro 9, for example, users can easily apply localized color changes, crop, retouch or merge multiple photos into stunning panoramas. With Corel Painter IX, the world's best Natural-Media painting and illustration tool, photographers can reveal new dimensions of their favorite photographs by applying unique artistic effects. Even those new to digital photography can take their converted camera RAW images and use Paint Shop Photo Album 5 to create memorable coffee table books, distinctive album pages, video CDs, slide shows, or web galleries, while easily archiving favorite collections on CD or DVD.

"Corel is committed to creating exceptional experiences for our customers," said Michael Greenhalgh, Product Line Manager for the Paint Shop family. "In addition to delivering powerful, affordable, and easy to use software, we also provide a wide range of options for users to express their individual creativity, whether they're brand new to digital photography or a seasoned professional. Working with Pixmantec, we are now able to provide users with a workflow solution that allows them to work more efficiently while maximizing their control over the final product."

"Our goal in designing RawShooter essentials 2005 was to provide users with superior image quality as well as the fastest workflow ever experienced by digital photographers shooting in camera RAW formats," said Michael Jonsson, CTO and Chief Software Architect of Pixmantec. "Based on the initial feedback we've received from Paint Shop Pro users, we feel confident that we've met this objective."

Added Kenneth Tang Laerke, CEO of Pixmantec: "We're proud to be associated with Corel given its impressive track record of innovation and its credentials as one of the world's top ten software brands."

"I have been using RawShooter essentials 2005 exclusively for the past few months to convert my images," said Andy Rouse, Professional Wildlife Photographer. "Only a day after returning from a recent trip, I took my initial batch of 6500 photographs and easily edited this down to just under 1000 shots. I then converted and enhanced the 182 best images using RawShooter essentials 2005. Once I've finished working with my photos in RawShooter essentials 2005, its easy for me to move them into a software package like Paint Shop Pro to apply additional enhancements. Combining power, ease-of-use, and versatility, these tools allow photographers like me to spend less time at the computer and more time discovering new subjects that inspire us."

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Pixmantec will be demonstrating RawShooter essentials 2005 at PMA in the USA (booth 2463) and at Focus on Imaging in the UK. For further details please visit where you can find a dedicated press area containing further information about Pixmantec and it’s revolutionary products. Pixmantec in brief….

Pixmantec is located in Copenhagen, Denmark. The company was founded in 2004 by Michael Jonsson and Kenneth T. Laerke.

In 2005, Pixmantec is planning to launch several digital imaging software applications on the Windows platform only split into separate product lines each supporting individual digital image file formats (JPEG / RAW Adobe DNG). The software applications are designed for both professional photographers and amateurs given the recent explosion in sales of digital cameras and associated software in both consumer sectors. The tools provided by Pixmantec for image editing are based on patent-pending proprietary technologies.