What the X-H cameras mean for the X-series
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What the X-H cameras mean for the X-series

We've seen a lot of Fujifilm users concerned that the X-H's move to command dial control means the end of the dedicated dials in the X-series. We put this to Fujifilm's Yuji Igarashi, Divisional Manager, Professional Imaging Group, who said that such users 'have nothing to worry about.'

When asked about what the X-Hs meant for the future of the X-T series, he told us:

'Obviously I can't give a concrete answer today, but having the two H cameras changes things.

The T series used to be our flagship, whereas now we have two flagships, which are hybrid cameras. This means T could be more focused for users who love the cameras we're known for: the enthusiasts, the street photographers. They have nothing to worry about.

The H series is for hybrid content creators, and professionals. Depending on the creative pursuit, we offer different platforms, each suited to a different use and different creators.

It's good to hear that people are asking this, because it shows they care about that type of camera.'