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In every other important regard, the two cameras are identical. They share the same 5.76M dot (1600 x 1200 pixel) viewfinder and 1.62M dot (900 x 600 pixel) fully articulated rear touchscreens. Button layouts and grips are identical, with both bodies featuring the same customizable top-panel status screen and the same dust and moisture resistant body design.

What that also means is that both models share the same command-dial-led user interface as used on recent GFX cameras, rather than the dedicated shutter speed, exposure comp and ISO dials that have been a feature of most X-T cameras. We've found it works well (other than some minor gripes about custom button behavior), with the big, firm-feeling command dials letting you respond quickly, without the risk of accidentally engaging another function, as can happen with the clickable, dual-mode dials on other X-series models.

They're the largest X-series bodies so far, but it's hard to imagine them offering so much direct control or working so well with larger lenses, were they any smaller.

Both cameras are compatible with the Fan-001 add-on fan unit, that helps extend their recording times in warmer conditions, and with the FT-XH Wi-Fi transmitter grip that significantly boosts their connectivity options. The VG-XH battery grip is also compatible with both, letting you add two extra batteries to the cameras, significantly boosting their endurance.