Difference in AF
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Difference in AF

The X-H2's eye detection AF has worked well for this samples, taken from our X-H2 gallery, but Fujifilm suggests it won't quite match the X-H2S for moving subjects.

Although both cameras use the same AF system, interface and processors, the company says there will be performance differences between the two. In a post-launch technical briefing, Fujifilm characterized the performance of the X-H2's AF tracking of moving subjects and its subject recognition of moving subjects as 'good' rather than the 'very good' rating it assessed for its faster camera.

This makes sense given the X-H2's slower readout sensor, which means the AF system is receiving less frequent updates from the sensor about what's changed (around 26 fps rather than 120 fps)

However, the company does point out that the X-H2 has many more AF elements than the X-H2S, saying its 3.33M focus elements should deliver better focus on finely detailed subject such as fur and foliage than the 2.16 million elements on the X-H2S's sensor.