The centerpiece of the Fujifilm exhibit was a classically understated 'X Series' display area where the company showed off its X10, X100 and of course X-Pro1 cameras.

As you'd expect, there is considerable buzz around the Fujifilm booth at CES. While the main draw, of course is the newly announced Fuji X-Pro1, the company is stressing its entire family of X-series cameras, with the X10 and X100 all occupying a separate display area just beyond it's mass market compact cameras and accessories.

Product Manager Kayce Baker says that Fuji is committed to the X
lens mount system, with agressive plans to add to the lens lineup.

We spent a few moments with Product Manager Kayce Baker, who emphasized the company's commitment to the new X-mount introduced with the X-Pro1. 'Our road map calls for a total of nine XF lenses within two years,' she says in what is quite an aggressive expansion of a completely new system. With regard to specific additions to the current three-lens lineup of 18mm, 35mm and 60mm she confirms the recent speculation is, a 'close estimate', but final decisions on maximum aperture are still to be made. As it stands she feels that the X-Pro1 has no direct competition save the prohibitively more expensive Leica M9.

Walkthrough of the X-Pro1 with Kayce Baker

Images from the Fujifilm stand

At first glance it couldn't be more clear that the X-Pro1 is geared to shooters who covet external controls. The rear of the camera includes no fewer than nine controls in addition to a 4-way controller. An eye-sensor sits to the right of the hybrid viewfinder.
In addition to standard HDMI and USB ports the X-Pro1 features a flash sync port. The X-Pro1 will ship with three fast prime lenses including the 35/1.4 shown here.

Not to be completely overshadowed by the X-Pro1's planned February time-frame for availability from retailers, Fuji will soon thereafter release a limited edition black version of the X100. Fuji also had on display their new lineup of compact cameras, including waterproof models and the FinePix Z1000EXR which boasts wireless capability.

The Fuji FinePix Z1000EXR combines a very small form factor... ...with the ability to wirelessly transmit images to a smartphone.
The FinePix XP50 has a 14MP sensor... go along with and a 5x optical zoom.
The FinePix XP150 includes a built-in GPS... ...and has a 2.7 inch LCD.
The FinePix JX580 houses a 16MP CCD sensor... ...and a 3 inch LCD.
The FinePix 660EXR has a 16MP sensor... ...and a 15x optical zoom.
The FinePix JZ250 features an 8x optical zoom... ...and is available in five additional colors.
The FinePix T400 has a 28-280mm zoom..  ...and a depth of just 1.1 inches.